Services We Provide

We have extensive design expertise and technology knowledge in hardware and
software design, and system architecture development. Following are examples
of those:
TI DM64x, DaVinci, C67x, C64x
ADI Blackfin, SHARC and TigerSHARC
Xilinx Spartan, Virtex2, Virtex4 and Virtex5
Sensors transducers and their interfaces
Thermal imaging
Analog Signal processing and conditioning
Data conversion (A/D and D/A)
Display control and driving
Power supplies
High voltage systems
Digital and Analog Phase locked loops
High speed video
Active/passive, digital/analog filters
Optoelectronic systems
Control systems
Motor control
Human interfaces
Audio and radio devices
Custom imaging cameras
TEMU Tech offers clients a broad range of professional design and consultancy
services. Click on the relevant link below for more detailed information:
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