About Our Business

TEMU Tech provides advanced electronic system design and development
services from concept design and prototyping through pre-production to
production. Using a customer tailored product design and development process,
we can deliver a full range of electronic design services at a much affordable
price, and shorter time to market than the competition. We are a young
company with more than 20 man-years of experience in electronics industry, and
we are based in Massachusetts. TEMU Tech employs multi-disciplinary
expertise in analog and digital hardware design, embedded software/firmware
design, and system design and management to provide quick solutions for
complex sensor, instrumentation and digital signal processing systems. Our
services are especially attractive for companies that have the product concept
and/or specifications and want to create a product/prototype:
That works right the first time
That is designed for manufacturing (DFM) and testing (DFT)
That has a quick time to proof of concept, and shorter development life
That is why small business R&D companies, educational and medical institutions
and R&D laboratories are among our important clients. TEMU Tech delivers
your project on time, on budget and on scope. Contact us to learn more about
how we can help you achieve your goals in your next project by having us as
your reliable electronics design partner.
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